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A Closer Look: The Sporting News Power Rankings 10/27/08 - (Your Cats: 18th)

I'd say Craig Custance is being rather generous on this one. Perhaps a bit of love from a former Southeast writer? Nah. Apparently that San Jose victory carries the mail further than a loss in St. Louis at the end of a bizarre road trip. Add to that the defense which has become a M*A*S*H unit and I'd have to say numbers 19 through 30 must have had a pretty poor week. As Dalton once remarked, "opinions vary".
Teams above: BUF (1, from 7), SJS (2, from 1 - haha), CAR (9, from 12).
Teams below: DAL (21, from 13!), OTW (27, from 17!!), NYI (30, from 28...only 13 more years of stealthy Rick DiPietro injuries to go, fellas)