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A Closer Look: Sports Illustrated Power Rankings 10/28/08 (Your Cats: 15th)

From Hell's heart I stab at thee... Fifteenth! Now that's confidence. And up from last week's placement at 18. Scott Wraight must be gunning for free tickets over the holidays while in Boca (hey Scott...$35 at the Broward DMV will get you a nifty license entitling you to passage along the beautiful "Florida's Turnpike" AND two freebie admissions once. Once.)
Anyway, Here's how the Cats stack up at the SI offices.
Teams above: DET (3, up from 6, 6-1-1, "sluggish start"???), SJS (6, up from 7 - after losing to FLA, they're up?), COL (10, up from 15)
Teams below: ANH (18, up from 28), NAS (21, down from 19), LAK (24, down from'd they get to 19 in the first place?)