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A Closer Look: THN Power Rankings 10/14/08 (Your Cats: 25th)

My apologies for being late to the game on this one. Ryan Dixon brings us this week's Power Rankings from The Hockey News, and unless you're a devoted - and blind - Chicago fan (20th, at 0-2-1???), there's not much to like way down here in SoFla.

Panthers record prior to ranking as of October 14: 1-1-0
Clubs ranked higher: Dallas (6th, 0-1-1), Anaheim (7th, 0-2-0 !), Colorado (24th, 0-2-0).
Clubs ranked lower: (26 through surprises - ATL, TOR, NYI, TAM, LOS).
Guess we can't expect much more; got toasted by Carolina only to squeak by Atlanta. Not exactly a promising start in the eyes of anyone not focused on the team. So whatever.