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A Closer Look: Yahoo Power Rankings (Your Cats: 24th)

Yahoo! Sports' Ted Starkey has weighed in with his power rankings for the opening week of the 2008-09 season, and the Cats have dropped to the sadly familiar "lowly" status, lumbering in at number 24, but he has a legitimate point, considering past performance.
Teams listed above: Carolina (17), Phoenix (20), Tampa Bay (21), St. Louis (23).
Teams listed below: No surprises.
Nice call on 30th place Toronto (out of 30, mind you), especially considering their 3-2 victory during Banner Raising Night in Detroit at The Joe. Way to go with the insight.
TLB Says: No comment on any so called "Power Rankings" before two-thirds of the clubs have yet been on the clock.
Re: Detroit/Toronto...the Wings will win 60 games this year. Detroit had a bad start against a hungry, scrapping band of Leafs (what it be, MVR!) who deserved the win simply by playing that much more tenaciously than their hosts. An interesting loss for the Wings, but that ship will sail, and soon. Too much humble talent. They got handed their rear ends tonight; won't happen again.