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Deep Insight: Gambling911 Again Displays Shrewd Instincts

"LA at Detroit? $500 on the Kings!!!" Just another day at the office for the hockey wizards at Gambling911 (The Gambling News and Odds Authority).

Not much point in posting this for anything other than the laugh potential, but here it is, from our friends at Gambling911:

"Sorry to tell you (...), but your Florida Panthers are going to suck and suck big time this season! They have no identity on this team, when Stephen Weiss is your first line center, you have problems. I see them being last in the league."

Man. Last in the league.

And he says it so must be true. Gee folks, maybe we should just pack this thing in right now; move the Cats to Flin Flon, and we'll all become Thrasher fans. You know, a team that's worked hard for it's constituency. 'Cuz they'll never finish last in the league this year.

Hmmm...on second thought...