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End of Days: Booooth! First Two-Goal Game (and a winner in OT!)

Winger David Booth, in just-released third-jersey attire, leads his rag-tag, fugitive band of Panthers to the dressing room following a career-performance against the Atlanta Thrashers. Get some, Minnesota...

The pressure continued on both ends through the third period, a mirror-image of the first two. Upon reaching OT, David Booth seemed to never leave the ice. He had The Look, and his mates recognized it. Great stuff: first dual-goal for The Dude, first NHL victory for coach Pete DeBoer, fisrt win of the season for the Cats, and after 60-plus minutes on the ice within 24 hours, Jay Bouwmeester gets a few moments off.

As for Bryan McCabe, possible two weeks on the shelf. Great news...could have been far worse. Get well soon, Bryan!

Gonna absorb the happenings and get back with more info.

Go Cats!