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End of First: Blues up 1-0

A PP goal by the best man-advantage unit in the league (featuring five forwards) puts St. Louis up by one.

A sloppy and tired start by the Cats, showing every bit of the mileage and action the past five days have brought them. Key word: Turnovers. Couldn't keep possession and passes were ill-fated. They settled down a bit after the first seven minutes or so, and an unremarkable performance by both clubs ensued. The goal wasn't Andy's fault; a right-circle pass to Tkachuk in the crease. The veteran went behind his back, instead of shooting, placing the puck directly on the tape of Brad Boyes, to the left of the goal, who scored into an empty net. Anderson, defending the right crease, had no help thanks to the nifty move by Tkachuk. A sweet play for the Blues.

Notes: Blues third-string goalie Ben Bishop is in net for St. Louis. He's 6'-7". Off skates. Gargantuan. Looks like the Cloverfield lizard in front of a soccer net. Tallest goaltender in the league. Ever. Noah Welch is suddenly the veteran on his defensive pairing with the loss of Cory Murphy, which follows the loss of Bryan McCabe. If I were Jason Garrison, I'd make certain my medical insurance is in good standing. Speaking of Garrison, he looks good. The leading scorer in Rochester, he's looking solid and confident. Getting power play time - on the point - as well. So far a wise addition. Could this guy end Jassen Cullimore's hopes of a return to Florida? Thanks to FSN, we learned that before Garrison tonight, the number 52 had never been used.