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End of Game: Sens win 2-1

It may be a game of inches, but this one sure stinks on a higher measure. Kinda speechless at this stage, and given that I was up for work at 5 am, and must be back to work at 5 am, I've got little left to discuss.

The Senators earned this one. They found a way to win, which we have yet to do. Let's just play one period, and get it over with. No tease beyond the first two periods. The third rightly belongs to Ottawa.

Not piling on a dead horse here, but this was ugly. Doesn't help that the Cats were called for a penalty - and a dicey one, at best - with less than four minutes to go. It's always that way. We are - based on past performance - predestined to suffer this type of face-slap. How can anyone argue it?

It was fun while the lead lasted. To the Panthers: nice 40 minutes. To the Sens: nice 20 minutes. It's that simple. More to come tomorrow.

To the faithful: a lot of work has yet to be done.