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End of Two: Blues up 3-0

Mark my words on this one, Kids: Nick Boynton, The Beach himself, will explode. Something's got his goat, something bothersome enough to warrant his taking a penalty - while on the bench - for jawing at the officials. Later, he sought to go to war with Cam Janssen, trying in vain to egg the former Devil on while his twin Keith Ballard went off for slashing AND unsportsmanlike conduct. Beach let his opinion be known to anyone within earshot while leaving the ice at the end of the period, surprisingly not taking an unsportsmanlike call of his own. Even strength and PP goals were the flavor of this frame. The Panthers are being outplayed at every turn. They can't keep up, can't pass, and have I mentioned turnovers? A step behind and just plain confused. A one-minute 5-3 proved futile, the participants looking for the proverbial perfect play. St. Louis is making this look humorous.

Notes: Predicting a Belak-Janssen heavyweight matchup, if Boynton ends up going off the deep end. Either way, Boynton or not, something's got to give...and the options are running thin. Can a fight revive the Cats' chances? Period will begin with Ballard in the box. Panthers' PP absolutely, positively sucks. There is nothing even remotely scary about it. Pass here. Fake there. Out to Jay-Bo. In to Stillman. Completely by the book. This MUST improve now or the season is dead before the 10th game. As for the penalty kill, don't get me started...