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End of Two: Cats up 1-0...

...and a Skrastins hooking penalty will lead off the third.

There are two story lines here, both of which are realistic: the Panthers are dominating the Senators, spending bountiful minutes in the offensive zone. Or, the Panthers are the beneficiaries of a slacking Ottawa squad, keeping the visitors in their zone. Either could be true.

No matter. The score remains 1-0, though not for a lack of effort on the part of Craig Hartsburg's Sens.

David Booth is on fire, throwing his body and going the extra inch to make the play or keep the puck within his team's grasp. No goals yet, but he is most definitely not pleased with his scoring output since the second game of the season.

$22M Daniel Alfredsson has been quiet, but for a very few offensive outbursts.

The question remains: what is going on in Ottawa? This may change over the next 20 minutes, but it begs discussion. The third period will lay it all on the table.