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End of Two: Dos - Dos

Right off the bat, Stephen Weiss gave the Cats their first lead, and Zeds grabbed his second assist. Atlanta tied it up late, keeping this one tight, and the crowd mostly at bay.

Observation: The speed - of both clubs - has been intense. The Panthers are literally falling over themselves keeping up with the pace, but hanging in, and making a good game of it. Another couple of weeks and they'll be acclimated...or dead. It's that fast. Forget the last few years...this is a different team. Fantastic to see the carryover, speed- and pass-wise, from last night in Raleigh. Vokoun much sharper, evidently seeing the puck better than yesterday. Weiss is no longer invisible. Duh. Bouwmeester: unquestionably the best defenseman in the division, probably the conference. Fearless, fast, and inventive. Only gets better with each shift. For those - like me - that have waited for his leap to the next level...he's there. PERIOD.

No Belak tonight; assuming he got the hook thanks to the dual penaltiesd he took last night. Zednik is looking ten years younger, as is Dvorak. Need more from Olesz. Atlanta's working hard...this game is closer than lineups would suggest. Not much from Stewart yet (on fourth line), Frolik showing his skills but a bit confused (on third line), Welch has been steady and reliable so far.