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Forbes Team Valuations: Florida Panthers #24

In a bit of a twist on the typical weekly "power rankings" offered up by most of the larger hockey outlets, Forbes Magazine has published it's list of National Hockey League franchise values for 2008-09. The Panthers rank #24.
A bit shocking to me at first - I truly believed I'd find the Cats somewhere around 28 - though pleasantly surprised to learn the financial situation, at least according to Stevie and company, is not quite as bleak as the stereotypes may have you believe.
The recent layoffs, however, go a long way toward dispelling that notion, unfortunately. Personally I believe we're going to see similar moves around the league - and soon. The Cats were but the first to fire a shot.
Anyway, here's the entire article from, which also includes a nifty Top-10 Fighters sub-list. This is the same, money, etc.?
Teams ranked above: TOR (1), TBL ( long are they gonna ride that Cup victory from a billion years ago?), PIT ( Crosby, Malkin, sellouts, new building, and eight spots behind New Jersey?), NAS (23. RIGHT.)
Teams ranked below: STL (25), WAS (26), PHX (30).