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Gaborik to Flor...

I tease, I tease. But Mike Chen of Fox Sports presents his view on two possible trade destinations for the oft-injured (REALLY oft-injured) but supremely talented Wild forward, Marian Gaborik.

"First off, would I trade for Gaborik? I'd consider it if I was either the Florida Panthers or Atlanta Thrashers. Why?"

Hit the link above for his answer. Of course, the projected return to Minnesota is not laid out (but if I had to guess, a dude with the initials J.B. seems likely what Chen had in mind).

This is not a new proposal, of course. We've bandied it about right here several times in the recent past. But no matter what happens with a potential Gabby for Jay Bo deal, a so-called "sign-and-trade" transaction is almost unavoidable, given the contract status of each.

I like Gaborik; his stats are sterling - when he's in the lineup. Bear this in mind when considering shipping out Bouwmeester, he of the 82 games-played each of the past four years...and only getting better statistically.