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Got an Old Jersey? Ready for an Upgrade?

Think he's got a fighting strap on that smock?

Folks are pretty mossy around One Panther Parkway lately. The "First-Timer" program leads like night into day with the all new Jersey Trade-in opportunity.

For a limited time, specifically 10/16 and 10/18 at the BAC, your decrepit, beer-stained, relationship-killing, blood-mottled old Cats rag may be traded for 50% off of a new, RBK (translation: Reebok) Premiere Florida Panthers jersey.

"Premier" is Reebok-speak for "replica", as in, not the real thing (known as RBK EDGE). But if that is your game, saving a cool $67.50 is nothing to slouch at.

If, of course, you've got the stones to give up that old, faded friend stencilled with "LOMAKIN".