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I Remember the Rats...

...and what fun they were for South Florida. So much so that I instituted a rule to ban them. David Stern - "Dad" - would have done the same.
Commissioner Gary Bettman has given Florida hockey fans the dreaded "vote of confidence", regarding the Panthers remaining in Sunrise.
Bettman admits the Panthers "have gone through a little bit of a dry spell," but likes the way GM Jacques Martin is building the team.
"Dry spell". Eight years out of the postseason and we're in a "dry spell". What term is used if we hit a decade? Casual Friday?
It's simply heartwarming and delightful that his highness - whom I hold no bitterness toward from a lil fiasco in Hartford a few years back - has spoken and supposedly closed the book on the Cats moving. That's nice. I'll sleep much more soundly tonight knowing The Commish has ruled.
And he certainly knows his history, for 1996 was mentioned. Note to Herr Bettman: 1996 is the ONLY history this club has had.