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Nothing to See Here: Isles' Chris Lee Released from Hospital

Defenseman Chris Lee was cleared to return to New York today, following an overnight stay in a Broward hospital due to a hit from behind by the Cats' Rostislav Olesz.
Been unsuccessful in finding any video of the incident - cuz, you know, this is Florida - so your guess is as good as mine unless you were in the building. And if by chance you were one of the illustrious 8,800, send me a line and fill me in. Hard to believe - under any circumstance - that Rusty would go out of his way to hurt anything. Still in a holding pattern regarding whether or not a suspension is being considered.
Either way, kudos to Lee and bravo, kid. Good luck making the big club.
UPDATE: Thanks to Ken M. who was at the game and submits the following:
I was at the game and it definitely was not a dirty hit. Rusty got him mostly from the side, I think what led to the injury was that Rusty's momentum took him and Lee into the boards together and Rusty sort of fell on top of Lee awkwardly and he must have landed weird or gotten caught somewhere sensitive.