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On the Glass - Friday: Scouts...?

Goaltender Craig Anderson enters his UFA year, but steady progress, and a better defense in front of him, keeps the Cats' number 2 a happy backup, writes Sarah Rothschild of the Miami Herald. And you may have seen the entry photo at some point, too.

Also from the Herald, George Richards is running a contest with some swell prizes (50 mile limit on the limo? Gonna have to discuss that one, GR). Head on over and enter.

The Sun-Sentinel's Steve Gorten profiles fan-favorite-to-be Wade Belak and the toughness that's been sorely absent since, well, a long time.

Just ask the guys - not classic fighters by any stretch - who were banged around early last season sticking up for Olli and company. Noah Welch lost almost the entire year due to a fall during a scuffle. It's comforting having a few bulldogs lurking, especially patrolling the blueline.

Gorten also has a compilation of notes from camp.

Scouts? Apparently our boys in suits "with contracts in their hands" (don't get bent out of shape, that was a Slap Shot reference for the newbies) were spotted at last evening's Sabres/Blue Jackets game in Columbus, or so claims Michael Arace at the Dispatch.

Intriguing. Afinogenov of Buffalo? Huselius of the Jackets? Er, no way on that one.