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On the Glass - Wednesday: Beezer on Horton: "Lazy", and a Teamwide Change in Attitude

Lots of good stuff from Steve Gorten at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Defenseman Bryan Allen said he has noticed "a different dynamic" in the dressing room so far."The people they brought in have really complemented everyone and loosened things up a bit," Allen said.

Many more refreshing - and damning - quotes galore.

The Sentinel's Ethan Skolnick reports on another Beezer Eruption - it has been a while, after all - as former Cats' goaltender John Vanbiesbrouck lays on his typically unique brand of opinions on his old club. Audio from Horton responding. Not to be missed.
And even more, again from Gorten, shedding a bit more light on Coach DeBoer's decision to utilize three alternate captains...for now.