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Pending Approval, Coming Soon: The (Larger) Litter Box, Home to the Florida Panthers. Will $20 Cover That?

Formerly the BankAtlantic Center, the venue now known as The Uber Litter Box welcomes hockey fans - and media-types - from around the region, including south Broward, northern Dade, and...well, south Broward and northern Dade. I checked with the Palm Beach Post for clarification but they have yet to respond. Life is but a dream.
Apparently this financial crisis that Harry Reid is - good God! - STILL crowing about has begun to trickle into the sports-sponsorship sector. All those banks which sponsored arenas around the nation are beginning to rethink their relationships with local jurisdictions and private owners.
The current sponsor of our Cats' home, BankAtlantic, a bank, seems content in the security of their contract with the county. This is wise. Given full control, TLB would undoubtedly tweak the barn in some unique fashion.
Just another tidbit to keep in mind while perusing the help-wanted ads, attempting to coddle together hundreds of beans to see our favorite team this year. Sure am thankful that I only live 70 miles from Sunrise. TeamExplorerSport is peaking at 18 mpg. Hoorah!