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Post-Game Roundup

Not gonna spend much time gloating over this one. It was certainly not a gimme: 50 shots against T-Vo made this a spectacular evening. BTW: the Cats had 35. Back on the road tonight at St. Louis, 8:30 pm.
Full recap - with video highlights (which I'll include on a daily basis from here on out) over at sight that continues to impress me with the features they offer. HOWEVER, I've got a beef with them which I'll go into later today.
GR at The Herald checks in with the Miami view of the evening's events. Line of the night, via Vokoun, following his 47-save winning effort: "It was a war." He wasn't kidding.
The Sun-Sentinel had no recap of the game ('s a long drive from Lauderdale???), but did weigh in earlier yesterday with an update on The Dueling Bryans, Allen (surgery Monday) and McCabe (skating to resume next week).
More to come...