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Quickies: End of One - Cats up 1-0

Goal by Boynton, even strength, eeeeearly, off long rebound from crossbar. His second of the year (had 3 all last season!).

Notes: Panthers look much more poised than Thurday. Shots appear a bit more focused. DePietro shaky - lots of rebounds - in first start since March. Power play absolutely sucks (0-3). Vokoun awake. Better crowd than against Minny. No real physical stuff yet. Cats shooting. A lot. Not necessarily dead-on, but releasing. Ballard is the mini-Bouwmeester; all over the ice, slick moves on the PP, crisp passing. Hitting and board-work has increased over Thursday. Isles not without some pressure in Florida zone, couple of hairy moments. Can't get over Vokoun's tendency to rise slowly following a drop to the ice, even after a year of exposure. The primary word there is "exposure". Ballard and The Beach have obvious chemistry from three-plus years together. Jokinen trade not only supplied a good pair of D-men; it supplied a defensive line. Isles wwill start second on the PP.