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Renewed Interest in the "C"

"How to draw Olli Jokinen."
It wasn't me, folks. Go here...
Do the Panthers head into the season minus a captain? The talk of the league seems to be centering on captains.
It appears every member of the Cats has worn an "A" over the past two weeks. When asked my opinion, I honestly had no clue; the possiblities are varied and many. However, I've made up my mind.
Weiss has always been a favorite of the pundits. Stillman's got the hardware. McCabe's been a captain. I've seen it written that Ballard has the goods to make for a successful leader.
But it's Horton's ship. Now is the time to turn it over to him, the defacto head of the party, so to speak. A tremendous commitment has been made by the club to build a team around his presence, and anything less than handing him the keys would be a mistake.
Is there risk involved? Of course. He could revert. His mentor was, after all, the last captain of this club. Bad habits? Uninspired play? All a possibility. But I doubt it. Give the kid a chance.
So, The Litter Box officially endorses Nathan Horton for the captaincy (I'm gonna take a boatload of heat if this experiment doesn't work out...).