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Would You Take a Free Ticket From This Man?

Still waiting for that comment from you about the Post bailing on your team, Mikey...
The Panthers have instituted a "First-Timer" ticket giveaway, allowing one-time-only free entry to games for those who otherwise wouldn't have given the team a look. (The opposing teams on those nights? Ummm...Atlanta? The Islanders? No one in the building anyway.)
This is a fine idea on the surface. Joe and Jane Six-Pack now have the opportunity to get into the BAC fer nuthin', raising the level of exposure for the club and it's product. Odds are out the window, but at least some of them are likely to come back on their own dollar.
Season seat holders, the bread and butter of any NHL organization, have yet to react, but in any event, increased publicity and a rising demand for tickets only benefits everyone long-term.
Thanks to Mirtle.
UPDATE: the teams available (so far) are as follows:

Th., Oct. 16 vs. Wild

Sat., Oct. 18 vs. Islanders

Fri., Oct. 24 vs. Sharks

Th., Oct. 30 vs. Senators

Wed., Nov. 12 vs. Lightning

Fri., Nov. 14 vs. Red Wings

Mon., Nov. 24 vs. Hurricanes

Wed., Nov. 26 vs. Devils

Fri., Nov. 28 vs. Rangers
Not a bad selection, but I'm guessing the Wings and Rangers are gonna be toughies.