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AccuScore Prediction: Bruins over Panthers 3.2 to 2.3

Pretty sapped over last night's Joke in Jersey, but why not be positive? We've got the B's next! The 12-3-4 B's. In Bahston. Cards stacked against the Cats? Definitely. I'm just curious when we're going to be given some talent and effort to work with. Which Nathan Horton will show up tonight? Do we still care? Does he still care? AccuScore has projected a solid win for the Broons. While I get up from the floor, consider the Cats have beaten the likes of Anaheim and San Jose...while coming oh so close to dispatching Detroit. Good teams? Yay. Bad teams? Nay. A pattern is being established here, as I said to a buddy this morning. FSN at 7:00, children.