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Cats win - barely - in Tampa Bay, 4-3 (SO)

I blew that one, alright. Don't know why I thought the Canadiens/Hurricanes game of last night was going to be on Versus, but I'd swear I saw it somewhere...Hmmm. Maybe it was the cheap Merlot.

On to happier thoughts. Bryan McCabe is beginning to make JM the GM look brilliant, garnering two goals in what appeared to be a game headed for blowout status. Vokoun's 49(!) saves stopped all three shots in the shootout frame, and Nathan Horton woke up just in time to score the winner.

Tampa kept it interesting, blasting home three unanswered goals late in the game, so they walk away with a point, but hey...statistically Ottawa is worse than the Panthers! Steve Stamkos obviously felt comfortable (9 shots) with his new linemates. The Lecavalier/St. Louis/Stamkos combo could be quite potent over time.