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A Closer Look: Fox Sports - Power Rankings 11/11/08 (Your Cats: 29th)

It's tough enough keeping up with so many so-called "Power Rankings" appearing each day, but simplicity is the word when your team is collectively picked so low.
Fox Sports continues down this inarguable road by placing the Cats at a solid 29. That's down from 26 (which was a charity pick). Dissenters unite! Helloooo? Anyone?
Teams above: Here we go again. Nothing to see here. Move along. Actually, it's interesting to note the Ducks moved up one spot after losing to Florida. At home. From 16 to 15. This is the NHL, after all.
Teams below: A concensus pick with The Hockey News, the Isles remain firmly ensconced at 30. Is it possible for The Illustrious Twelve to feel bad at this point for another club's fans? Thankfully, yes.