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A Closer Look: The Hockey News - Power Rankings 11/10/08 (Your Cats: 27th)

This includes the road victory over the Ducks, mind you. Sigh. Last week they were ranked number 26, so we're not talking a colossal slide. The real question is who finished in worse shape? THN has the goods, through Monday:

Teams above: not going through a list of that size again. Carpel tunnel and all.

Teams below: LAK (steady at 28). And they humiliated Florida just days days ago. I guess humiliating Florida doesn't pack the same punch that it...well, nevermind. STL (29 from 23). Reality is catching up with the Notes, who many say have overachieved so far. NYI (steady at 30). Rebuilding again, and it shows. At least they've got an excuse.

On a personal note, I'll be attending my first game of the year tomorrow, against Tampa Bay. Pretty psyched. "First game?!?!?" you say? Kinda tough to make that drive on a regular basis while remaining employed and having to show up at 5:30 am. No, I'm not getting defensive. Really.

Probably gonna leave Old Reliable (Whalers road blue #1 Sean Burke) in the closet and do a simple Cats' sweatshirt/hat combo. Putting way too much thought into this; been a while since I've graced the BAC. Tampa games are always fun, and occasionally record shattering.

But which Panther club will show? The Phoenix Panthers? Or the Anaheim Panthers?