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End of First: Thrashers up 1-0

Keep taking penalties, you'll continue giving away opportunities. And so it is, on Atlanta's third PP (Florida: zippo) the Cats find themselves in a hole. With 8 seconds remaining in the period, no less.

A convoluted period (read: a snoozer) which resembled a preseason match, minus the energy. It's not like the Thrashers are dominating in any category; simply winning the little battles that, once added up, lead to victory, whether in a period or a game.

The Panthers, again, look unprepared and back on their heels. The majority of the play has been in the Florida zone (numerous penalty-kills will do that) and nothing of inspiration has yet been witnessed, with the lone exception of Rusty Olesz tending goal - in the goal - at a most important moment.

Much work to be done here. These are evenly matched teams considering the injury status of the Panthers on "D", but the offenses of both make one lean toward Florida. On paper.

Oh yeah...Cory Stillman left the ice late in the period with an as-yet-undisclosed injury. More good news.