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End of Two: Thrashers up 4-2

A little less lethargic, but the result remains the same. Trust me, kids...the highlight goals on SportsCenter - if they should bother - will be from the Atlanta Thrashers.

Kovy's got his game on. Hell, the entire team is taking advantage of misplay after misplay on the Florida side, capitalizing on errors which never would have been made in the first five games of the season.

I've lost count of the odd-man rushes and missed passes. That sums up the period perfectly.

Horton had a terrific crazy-angle goal which supplied hope, but didn't inspire the club to anything more than a few individual efforts.

A side note here: Anthony Stewart has looked great, and completely comfortable with his role. Whatever that may now be. Cullimore hasn't missed a beat, and Vokoun can't be blamed for any of the opposition's scoring...even the waaay-out-of-the-crease potential heroics.