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Jokinen on Florida: ..."And I hear they finally have a good coach."

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Boooooyah! Care to volley it, JM?

No surprise to those of us Illustrious Twelve who follow the Panthers closely, but it does bear repeating: Phoenix hosts Florida tonight (9pm, FSN-HD) and a few eyes around the hockey universe will be cocked in the direction of the Arena (the what?).

Lots of sidebar stories, from seeing our old friend Dave Strader, to JovoCop, to Nick Boynton and Keith Ballard's return, to former Panther Olli Jokinen making his first start against the Cats since The Trade.

In the interest of time (I am at work right now, after all), here are a myriad of links relating to tonight's contest and the subplots surrounding it:

Miami Herald - On Frozen Pond, "Olli Versus Florida, NEXT!"

South Florida Sun-Sentinel, "Q & A with former Panther Olli Jokinen"

South Florida Sun-Sentinel, "Jokinen finds peace in desert"

South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Gorten Panthers' Blog, "Hangin' with Olli"

CBS Sportsline, "Phoenix vs. Florida"

Panthers Website, "Panthers-Coyotes Preview" Note: an AP article. Blah. Otherwise ignored.

Coyotes Website, (the main page, but has video and commentary on tonight's game)

On a personal note, I had real trouble locating anything - from the Phoenix area - more than the Republic article. We heard things are tight as far as coverage out there, but even I am rather amazed at the lack of attention this is matchup is getting. Then again, the Cats' website virtually ignores it as well. With JM in charge that is no surprise. Bet he wishes this game was on the non-televised list.