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No Pride, No Effort. End of Game: Thrashers win 5-3

An embarrassment from start to finish, the Panthers will limp out of Atlanta after a game which should have been theirs from the start. Another retro-circus, featuring individual efforts and no coordinated, cohesive strategy, the Cats gave this one away.

There is no redeeming value to this evening. Nothing to build on.

Not one single approach worked; in fact they all looked ad-libbed, reacting to Atlanta's whims.

Did I mention there is a lot of work to do with this squad? That doesn't begin to describe it. Peter DeBoer has a monumental task. A loss against a team which hasn't won in their past six? Play the Panthers...we'll turn it around. Always have.

The really sickening part is Atlanta will finish at or near the bottom of the league in the standings. Florida will, once again, flirt with a playoff position, but come up short. Due to games such as this one.

Staring at another long season. Based on what I saw tonight, there is no reason to believe we'll break the eight-year curse. Disgusting.

Pete: we've got faith, and we're patient. But make it happen. Lose the deadwood. As a Panther fan, I am embarrassed. Again.