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"Pick-Your-For-Real-Worthy-Panther All Star" Update - 11/28/08

He just voted for our boys. Have YOU?

Gather 'round the fire, kids: it's time to check the NHL All Star Game vote totals on our trio of Deserving Panthers.
David Booth (11G-2A-13P): 295, up from 261 (or 359,234 behind Kovalev's 5G-11A-16P).
Keith Ballard (2G-8A-10P): 455, from 432 (or 401,026 behind Markov's 2G-14A-16P).
Andy (3-1-2, 2.01, .942): 156, from 148 (or 391,099 behind Price's 10-4-3, 2.33, .923).
For the record, the Cats' "legitimate" candidates (no forwards, BTW) are:
Jay Bouwmeester (1G-9A-10P): 32,958 (none of these votes actually originated in Florida).
Tomas Vokoun (5-10, 3.01, .911): 6,459.
And just for fun:
Nathan Horton (6G-7A-13P...and back w/Booth & Weiss on that horribly-named line): 166.
Shawn Matthias (1GP, 0G-0A-0P): 6. He's played one game, peeps.
Michael Frolik (18GP, 1G-1A-2P): 24. That gives him 4 times the popularity of Matthias!
Keep pumping those votes...