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Seen Melrose?

Friends Forever.

What a way to usher in the weekend, no matter your feelings toward the guy. Always in the public service, TLB presents some links - a scorecard, if you will - to enlightened blogger commentary on the day's Big News from (gulp) Hockey Bay. Ed. Note: Can't believe I just typed that.

Barry Melrose Rocks
Puck Daddy
From the Rink
Melt Your Face Off
Going Five Hole
AOL Fanhouse

I really believed the team was never going to achieve anything this this year, and if I have to recount the reasons than you're new to the anything-goes NHL. But I did think he'd be given at least one season, if only to display some semblance of stability within the club (cuz they sure don't have it on the ice). Kinda feel bad for the dude.

Failed headlines:

- Bored from Mixing Power Play Lines, Koules Saws Melrose

- Tough Economy in Tampa/St. Pete Forces Hockey Team to Fire Coach; Will Trade for Forward to Fill Position

- Betting the Farm, Bolts Roll Dice on Tocchet (obligated here, kids)

- Lightning Hack Melrose, Sales of LA Looks, Super-Orgasmic-Uber-Hold Plummet in TB

I'm open to suggestions at this point. Got a game to watch.