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Wanna be the boss? Make this happen, JM...

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The completely awesome Orland Kurtenblog has reported on a new - and quite original - Vancouver Canucks promotion: "You Call the Shots: Be the Canucks General Manager for a Day!", you know, to go with the myriad other "new and quite original" promotions.
In a nutshell, win the contest and become GM of the 'Nucks for a day. Or more likely, the GM's shadow for a day (and Mike Gillis must be thaaarilled). As the Kurtenblog proclaimed, they're not looking to unload the Sedins, but a minor-league deal might be fun. Maybe hitting the rolodex, dialing up Mats' agent and offering 12 mil for the big Swede. You are the GM, after all. Nothing says you must be a smart one. Oh to be Eddie Johnston for one single day in 1990...
Anyway, what say you, PantherNation? If given the opportunity to run your club for 24 hours, who and what would be on your radar? Anyone you've been pining to dump? Or clamoring to acquire? Perhaps right that ultimate of wrongs and get Brani Mezei back in the fold?