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We've Heard A Lot Of This Lately

"...but not everybody’s on the same page, taking shifts off." - Nathan Horton, though it has been said time and again by nearly the entire organization.

I've got a novel idea: CALL 'EM OUT!

Nothing else has worked. We're far past the time for rank diplomacy in The Room. Might be ripe for a bit of shame. Let 'em answer for their lack of effort. They're not professionals anyway when they're dogging it. Trade 'em or screw 'em to the wall. We'll see how professional they are. Bunch of prima donnas, traipsing their way from game to game, collecting exorbitant paychecks.
Why do any of us bother selling our hearts and souls to this bunch when they can't be troubled to show up? We fans are being played as the losers for continuing to give these clowns the adulation they obviously desire at no cost to them. This is the pride of Sunrise, and all of South Florida? Give me a break.
Heads must roll. Now. I want names or I want rid of them. Horton's comment above is the last straw. I'm supposed to keep rooting for this mess when even fellow players are towing the ancient party line. SOMEONE LEAD THIS TEAM.