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Winnipeg to Phoenix...Logos Galore!

Logos and insignia have always been a passionate area for any sports fan. Figured I'd burn off the remainder of the day at work with a quick look at the Winnipeg/Phoenix franchise and the stuff worn on their chests (and in some cases, arms and front shoulders). This is not all-inclusive; just the main items.

The circular crest and jerseys from the Jets' early years. Easy on the eyes, and holds up well over the years.

Mid-seventies to late-eighties jersey logo. Makes you want to experiment with hallucinigens.

The famous "Goals for Kids"; this is the later example. Worn on the shoulder.

The Jets' final logo, an awesome design, used until 1996. It just reeks of hockey.

Coyotes' animal logo with wordmark. That's some stylized creature up there with a hockey stick. W4E fact: I was at their first-ever game, a road dealio in Hartford to begin the 1996-1997 season. (For you purists, the Whale prevailed, 1-0. Godynyuk with the lone goal.)

The Phoenix "Goals for Kids" logo. Not only did they swipe Winny's team, but took their charitable causes too.

The secondary "Moon" logo. Lots of thought put into this one. Actually, I always kinda liked it's simplicity.

I don't know what this is.

Today's "Dog". I'm on the fence here. But it is unique.

Is this the Phoenix 2008-09 "third jersey" with new "running dog" logo? We'll see soon. The shoulders need a bit more, methinks.

I'd like to thank the following spectacular sites for the images: Icethetics, winnipeg jets online, and Chris Creamer's SportsLogos. Lots more great stuff at each.