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Yes, more Melrose op/ed

Lightning forward Chris Gratton shows confidence in his former coach.

A terrific opinion piece by SI's Jim Kelley provides a darker tone to the Melrose Mauling. Not piling on to the Lightning (not right now, anyway) but simply really agreed - ultimately - with the article and found the following to be rather applicable to anyone building a team with a Playstation3:

"To improve a team -- especially a team put together by "thinking outside the box" -- you need, in addition to patience, a coach who is part teacher, part taskmaster, part preacher with a healthy dose of success attached to his name. The idea should be to have someone who has enough of a reputation to convince all the bright new faces and at least a line's worth of the craggy old ones that there is one person in the room who knows what he's doing."

True Dat.