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Game Day: Buffalo Sabres at Florida Panthers, 7:30




Haven't seen the Sabres this year; looking forward to another game featuring two battered, injury-ravaged clubs.

(Then again, I'm just happy to see any club facing off against the Cats...the past two games weren't televised. Chumps.)

Buffalo is 3-7-0 (6 PTS) in their past ten games (11-10-3, 25 PTS overall); Florida is 5-3-2 (12 PTS) in the same period (10-11-3, 23 PTS overall). Only the 10th-place Leafs (24 PTS) stand between them.

That, and a never-ending battle with consistency. Will Dvorak, Campbell, and Bouwmeester continue playing as if they're on other teams? Whatever happy pills coach Pete is feeding these guys, keep it up.

The Cats lost both home matches against Buffalo a year ago, and it doesn't get any easier when they face the division-leading Broons Saturday night. Anderson is getting the start for FLA, while BUF is believed going with Ryan Miller, who has a four-game winning streak against the Panthers. Sterling.

Pre-Game News Roundup:

From the Blogosphere:

    The Warmup:
    From November 2nd of last year in Buffalo, Gaustad vs. Campbell.