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"Pick-your-for-real-worthy-Panthers" All-Star update: 12/05/08


It's sure tightening up in the race for starters in the Wales Conference All-Star Balloting. Is that a change at the top?

Things got a bit derailed this week for the trio of Panthers we at The Box have nominated: Boothie got injured, Ballard is the victim of an auditioning Jay Bouwmeester, Andy is...well, he seems to be performing ok. For a backup.


David Booth: 535 (or 483,920 behind presumably-auto-voting Crosby)

Keith Ballard: 638 (or 523,756 behind auto-voted Markov)

Craig Anderson: 418 (or a scant 511,242 behind auto-voted Price)


The Cats are way up - relatively speaking - from just two days ago. Booth added 109, Ballard 77, and Sir Craig 141. Considering there are only The Illustrious Twelve who are voting, we might make some inroads. If the NHL goes to a 14-line-per-side format, that is. 

Keep it rolling, kids.