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OPEN THREAD: Florida Panthers at Pittsburgh Penguins

Coach DeBoer finds scoreboard-watching tiresome.

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The Panthers continue their search for offense of any kind as the road winds into Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena. It wasn't too many years ago when a matchup like this was akin to a 1993 Whalers-Senators game: few cared and fewer attended.

Alas Sid, Geno, MAF, and the remainder of Ray Shero's Stanley Cup champs host the Cats. That the Penguins are 8-1 should surprise no one. The Panthers at 2-5? Say what you will, but they know how to get an emotion or two out of us. I'll get it going: Tomas Vokoun is your starter this evening.

Another Texas-style blowout of the sort that made Wednesday night famous will undoubtedly lead to some type of change; after eight games, the only identity this team currently carries is rapidly approaching this, and unless you're an over-the-top Nick Tarnasky fan, little help is on the horizon (in fact, even that help may be quite a ways off).

But of course none of this Debbie Downer talk is necessary, since the club is stocked with professionals who know how to rebound from adversity, can change the season on a dime, and refuse to let outside criticism of their star players get in the way of success. did we get back onto the Pens again?

Should be a fun evening considering the classy names involved in this one. Frank and Da Boyz are holding court at PensBurgh, so take a visit and see what they've got.

Again, thanks for dropping by. Go Cats.