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OPEN THREAD: Panthers at Stars


Panthers Stars

2-7-1 (5p) 6-2-4 (16p)

Panthers vs Stars coverage Defending Big D Panthers vs Stars preview

Only hockey contains irony of this sort: Stars benchboss Marc Crawford (above) will coach his 1,000th NHL game tonight. I'm sure I speak for all Panthers fans - past and future - when I send our most sincere congratulations to a man who commands unstinting loyalty and has succeeded professionally at the highest level (...too soon?).

Take a peek at Defending Big D and see what the hosts may have in store for your Cats. Thanks for stopping by.


Forward Jeff Taffe joins the Cats for the first time this year, on the heels of a point-per-game season in the "A". He'll impress with...

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  • 6% ability to be a gamechanger and force his way into the lineup
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  • 93% ability to find himself right back in Rochester next week
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