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Monday Meow


The floor is yours, folks. Work days are difficult enough without an escape, or at least this. Talk amongst yourselves and solve some world issues while you're at it before tonight's game, okay?

The "Meow" will be a daily event (for lack of a better word), so while you're sitting in that drab cubicle looking to scream about the Cats' marketing efforts, or coming out of yet another pointless meeting held by drones who never knew you were there, or just exited the latest Will Ferrell film and wish to warn off humanity, this is your opportunity. Looking forward to hearing your rants each day. Got something to spout off? Here ya go.

Need more? John Belushi's best film was this. We'll get your jacket later. Just take me to...the swamp.

Our thanks to Pension Plan Puppets for the concept. Go Cats.