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Wednesday Caterwaul


Thanks to Sean at Nucks Misconduct for this beauty.

Alright, you know the drill...let it loose (was gonna say "Do your thing!", but remembered the violence that inevitably follows those words). The floor is yours...

  • Cats at Sabres tonight; any thoughts?  
  • The latest SBNation/NHL Power Rankings are out; the Panthers have some ground to make up.  
  • Seen Florida's upcoming schedule? How's this for do-or-die: in Buffalo this evening, followed by a visit to Detroit on Friday, off to MSG for the Blueshirts Saturday, host Cup champion Penguins Monday, and open the doors to the Rangers and their warm, lovable fans on Wednesday.  
  • DYK: the Isles and Rangers are tied in points as of this morning (23)?  
  • "Caterwaul". It's appropriate.