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Divisionally Speaking


Asked if the Panthers can return to the East's top eight, Bob says "Yes".

Southeast Standings

Washington 50 31 15 4 66
Carolina 51 25 21 5 55
Florida 49 23 18 8 54
Tampa Bay 50 17 23 10 44
Atlanta 51 17 29 5 39

(updated 2.1.2009 at 8:59 AM EST)

A bit of action in the Southeast last night, resulting in an unpleasant situation, but lots of time remains on the year.

  • Ovie had two goals to lead his Caps over Detroit 4-2. Moving along...
  • Carolina defeated Atlanta 2-0 behind a Cam Ward shutout. Screams are heard throughout Broward as the Hurricanes surpass Florida by a point in the East.


Good and bad news...

  • The Sabres shutout the Coyotes 2-0 in Phoenix, increasing their lead over the Panthers to three points. However...
  • The Penguins continued their slide, losing to the Leafs 5-4 in regulation, remaining ouside looking in.


Early games all around, due to some football thing. None of the contests directly affect Florida in the standings, but in the interest of full divisional disclosure:

  • Ottawa @ Washington, 12:30p. The Caps chalk up another win, simply waiting to fill out the scoresheet.