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The Chase for Eight - Thursday


Mr. Bubbles reacts to Montreal's four straight losses.

Southeast Standings

Washington 55 34 16 5 73
Florida 53 26 19 8 60
Carolina 54 27 22 5 59
Tampa Bay 54 18 25 11 47
Atlanta 56 19 32 5 43

(updated 2.12.2009 at 4:02 AM EST)

(From a Florida standpoint, you'll now notice a greater emphasis on more of the Eastern Conference playoff contenders from here on out, as opposed to simply the SE division. We'll be concentrating primarily on the top eight and those who wish to be among them.)

1. * Boston 55 85
2. * New Jersey 55 73
3. * Washington 55 73
4. Philadelphia 52 65
5. NY Rangers 55 65
6. Montreal 55 64
7. Buffalo 55 62
8. Florida 53 60
9. Carolina 54 59
10. Pittsburgh 56 59


  • A grand, epic win by the Rangahs over the visiting Caps, 5-4 in a SO. New York passed Montreal for 5th place. W4E say: Washington is doing us absolutely no favors. They play smackdown on everyone and somehow manage to roll on one of the clubs we're staring up at.
  • Ottawa wrapped up a gift for Florida, Carolina, and Pittsburgh, as the Sens defeat Buffalo 3-1. W4E say: Finally a break. The loss of leading scorer Thomas Vanek for the next few weeks may be too much for the Sabres to bear.
  • The Sharks destroy Boston and a day later fall to the Pens 2-1 in a SO? Indeed they did. W4E say: I stated earlier, nothing's gonna be free. The Penguins do know how to win; it's a matter of them recalling it.
  • In the night's stunner, host Edmonton devoured Montreal 7-2 behind the efforts of seven different goal scorers. W4E say: Tough times in Habsville, as everything appears on the verge of collapse; can't score, can't stop shots, and dare say Carbo's lost the room? Could be far more interesting at the deadline than anyone thought.


  • Ottawa @ Philadelphia, 7p. Can the Senators string three shockers in a row?