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Eastern Conference Combat - Sunday



A night of little movement in the East, and some interesting potential for far more today.



 Eastern Conference
 Team GP Pts
 1. Boston 57 86  
 2. New Jersey 56 75  
 3. Washington 56 75  
 4. Philadelphia 54 67  
 5. Montreal 56 66  
 6. NY Rangers 56 66  
 7. Florida 55 64  
 8. Buffalo 56 64  
 9. Carolina 56 59  
 10. Pittsburgh 57 59  


  • Philadelphia put a smackdown on the Isles, 5-1, to leapfrog a couple of idle clubs for fourth place.
  • In a game of epic proportions for the Penguins, Toronto cut the knees out from under Pittsburgh 6-2.
  • Equally Earth-shattering, Columbus routed the Hurricanes in Raleigh 5-1. Carolina has lost their past two by a margin of 10-1.


Of course this afternoon's match in Sunrise is where we'll be, but several other games promise to shine spotlights on other cities.

  • Philadelphia @ NY Rangers, 12:30p (NBC). The league has been pushing this game on hard for the past few days, to the extent that New York's loss to Florida on Friday was washed out. W4E say: One glance at the standings shows how important this one is to all of us. Who to "cheer"? Flyers with a regulation win.
  • Carolina @ Buffalo, 6p. The Hurricanes look for some offense, while the Sabres simply try to keep pace. W4E say: Yikes. Haven't been looking forward to this one, though it could be the most important match of the day. Given Florida is tied with Buffalo, go with the (five-point deficit) Canes for a regulation victory, though it's prolly not gonna happen.
  • Montreal @ Vancouver, 10p. The 3-7 Canadiens picked up a win most recently, but the Canucks are by no means laying down. W4E say: 'Nucks 'Nucks 'Nucks. The Habs have proven a travesty in the past five weeks, and Eastern foes will be hard-core Luongo, Sundin and Demitra fans tonight.