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Panthers' Eastern Conference Combat - Sunday




I'm getting fatigued describing each night as a Big Night in the East, so at this stage I'll simply refer to every evening as Catorsday and assume it'll be an uphill climb for the Cats from here on out.

Saturday was certainly no different than our proposed Catorsday, as Florida gained an S-M-ALL bit of ground. "But WhaIe, but Whale...they're still in it!" Yes, but everyone we desired to lose somehow wound up victorious. In any case, the Panthers currently sit in the sixth spot.



  • Ruslan Fedotenko and some kid named Crosby each scored two goals, enabling the Penguins to beat the highly-favored Flyers 5-4 in regulation. The Pens come home to roost with 64 points, four less than Buffalo, Florida, and the Rangahs.
  • Two goals by Danny Heatley for the Senators weren't enough to turn away the Habs. Montreal relied on five goal scorers to seal the win, including one by hermit recluse banished first-ballot hall of famer Alex Kovalev. The victory bumps the Canadiens to 69 points, one ahead of The Bunch.
  • In the Thrilling Serial Drama of the Night, Buffalo downs the Rangers 4-2. Keeping pace. Lacking a game-in-hand. Been here before.
  • From The Department of Way Kewl, the New York Islanders continued where Florida left off, blanking the Devils 4-0. Really doesn't matter, but sa-freaking-weet!





Quoting the above chick: "It's not over yet." She's like sixty or so now. Yikes.

  • Pittsburgh @ Washington, 12:30p NBC. Crosby vs. Ovechkin. W4E say: Yet another overhyped "showdown" on national television between The Kid and Ovie, which in truth is only a filler before high school figure skating and Special-Needs Rodeo. Snooze.
  • Colorado @ Carolina, 3p. The Avalanche seek to gain in the Western Conference standings...if only out of pride. W4E say: BS. This one's done like dinner. As much as all hockey fans (sans Detroit trumpeters) historically like the Avs (a Quebec City guilt trip?), the Tropical Storms should run this one up. Badly.
  • Toronto @ NY Rangers, 8p. A target of the Panthers, the Rangers may have a tough go in TO. W4E say: Indeed they will. The Leafs are not scary on paper, but the Burke Effect will take hold soon, given the trade deadline is a week and a half off. Every Canadian kid wants to play for Toronto; motivation should not be a problem here. However, this should be a good one, regardless of New York's recent struggles. Cat fans, we're going - duh duh duh - with the Leafs.