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Game Day 'Liners: Columbus Blue Jackets at Florida Panthers




For the uninitiated, the term "Blue Jackets" refers to what one will find in the pages of a book such as that above, not a campy fictional insect lacking four legs:



 Looks like the Lightning's Thunderbug stung the wrong dood.




 Jackets @ Cats, 7p - BankAtlantic Center, FSN-FL


Panthers: 35-26-10 80P, 3rd in SE    Blue Jackets: 

LAST 10:    FLA:  4-4-2    CLB:  7-3-0

HOME & AWAY:   CLB (A):  14-17-4   FLA (H): 19-10-6

GAME 1 of 1

ALL-TIME:  4-3-0 FLA




Right back to a blog-less work atmosphere today (yep...The Man shut me down) but my productivity level is skyrocketing!

No, it isn't.

You can only make up so many things to do in a quiet office for nine hours per day. If the phone doesn't ring, the phone doesn't ring. Period. Im already putting thoughts down for a post regarding my experience this week tackling all of our worst nightmare: heading to your website (in this case, The Box) and finding it firewall blocked. Article soon to come.

This being the situation, I'm off to "work" for the day, hopefully with the opportunity to slip out to a "rival" unblocked machine to get any Panthers news and opinion out to the masses. 

So apologies for the lack of info re: tonight's game in this post. I'm working on a solution. Locked out of the festivities at the BAC later today? Join us for a LIVE BLOG at 6pm!