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LIVE BLOG: Florida Panthers at Dallas Stars

TONIGHT: via remote from glamorous Victory Avenue in Dallas, Texas, it's Open Line Friday The Litter Box LIVE BLOG! Please switch off your cellphones, and note the location of trash receptacles at the rear of the room for used condom disposal.

HAS Tomas Vokoun lost his edge? IS Andy up to the task? DOES Keith Ballard top the undisputed hands-down year's-best open-ice hip-check? WILL W4E cease ripping off cheesy 1950s movie headlines? WHICH Coach Pete will walk away from the AAC?

Or this...


  • Isles over Flyers: bit of a longshot in any case
  • Devils over Hurricanes: feasible
  • Sabres over Habs: tough. For the Canadiens
  • Pens over Rangers - Oops: Pens win 4-3; no OT!

The answers to these questions and many more are on the way. Thanks for spending your Saturday evening at The Box, and please do work in a moment to spend with our good buds at Defending Big D.

Go Cats.