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Panthers Wednesday Links-of-Wonder

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"The atmosphere at a Panthers home game is almost library-like."
Season ticket holders: let's hear it...
  • The kids had better not lose this one; never hear the end of it.
  • The love Flyers Faithful have for Penguins fans is unending. On the subject of outdoor games, Philadelphia supporter "Melyssa" has an idea that likely won't be pursued. Then again, this is the NHL.
"I'd prefer the Penguins playing the Panthers in whatever the stadium in Miami is called, on a nice rainy 85-degree day, so Cindy and Jenny can catch their skates in a rut and hurt their poor little selves."
For the record, it's Land Shark Stadium. This week.
  • Speaking of Philly, all indications are pointing to this guy coming to Sunrise in any deal involving the Flyers:
"(RW Joffrey) Lupul has four more years under contract at $4.25 million per year. He would become Florida's highest-paid forward."
Of course, there's another winger - with a few more goals - who has yet to re-sign.

It's tough leaving a team you've been accustomed to. The Florida Panthers showed a lot of class in giving me the chance to go somewhere else.

A good kid who's given a lot to the club. No question he'll get an honest shot in Phoenix.